Sons of Odin – Review

Ein weiteres HAMMER Wochenende liegt hinter uns:
Und ich glaube, der Kommentar von Sons of Odin ,beschreibt sehr gut, ob es ihnen bei uns gefallen oder nicht.
Die Gäste waren zumindest aus unserer Sicht, extrem gut gelaut und happy! Quasi so, wie es sein muss! Wir bedanken uns daher an 80 super gelaunte und erneut fantatsiche Gäse. Aber auch riesen Dank an “Sons of Odin” aus Italien. MEGA!

Allright, it’s time to say 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊 𝐘𝐎𝐔 🖤
After so many months without playing was a little bit strange the whole situation: masks, distancing, all seated…
Specially this last detail was a problem for our mood, c’mon we are a Manowar tribute band, we need people who scream, sing, jump…

Then the maximum capacity of the clubs: ok, we did basically 2 “sold out” but we are talking about only the 30% of the capacity (so, can we really talk about a sold out? 🤔) and we were afraid for the organization, costs and stuff like that (yes, we were.. we always are).
But, once again, Germany surpised us 🇩🇪 🖤

Both clubs 7er Club Mannheim and Habbels – Kulturbühne u. Eventlocation made us feel at home in every way… and this is not foregone.
This means a lot for us, it means we built a real friendship over the fact we have a deal.
And then the crowd: in both places was so warm, so happy to share with us the desire to scream and finally enjoy a live concert!
And you can bet, we felt all of this!

We hope you enjoyed every second of our show because we fucking did it! 2021 🙂
Vielen dank von ganzem herzen 🖤

Abba, Moret, Riskio & Sappa

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